Fancy Sardegna

One of the millions reasons why I’m happy to be Italian is that you can easily reach amazing places in less than an hour fly, this what happens when you feel like visiting one of the most coolest and well know places in the world : Sardegna. 

This island is very versatile, it offers a huge variety of activities, landscapes and attraction. The basic difference is that the north is more vida loca, fancy and bling bling bling while the south is more laid back, family time and relax. I nailed the invite of a friend who owns an house in Porto Rotondo, in the north, close to the famous Porto Cervo, destination of celebrities and VIPs.

We arrived on Thursday and we spent few days in this beautiful area. We really wanted to relax but at the same time enjoy the company of our buddies which spent the entire summer there since they were children. The day is basically structured as following: beach, if you are lucky enough, as we were, watch it from a boat, exploring all the most precious scenarios, lunch in one of the thousands restaurants or ready to go picnic under the sun, water sports and explorations , shower, dress up and aperitivo followed by dinner, suggested menu is fish of course but the meat is, also, strongly recommended!!! 


The water is incredible, people is nice and prices are incredibly high. To be honest isn’t one of my favs spots in Italy but certainly it is worth it to visit it here and there. 

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