During our stay in Tulum we had the pleasure to have an incredible dinner experience at the Kin Toh restaurant inside, or better, on top, of the Azulik Hotel. Kin Toh’s gastronomic proposal brings the experience of eating, to a journey in which all the senses intervene. The architecture of this location is simply incredible. 

The entire place camouflages with the nature surrounding it, it is all about trees, woods and the ocean that fades with the sky. Our table was set on the highest nest available at the restaurant, we went up for aperitivo time and we could admire the very romantic sunset. I will never forget that atmosphere.

The colors, the air, the rustling of the leaves…after few drinks the dinner was served. Mayan-Mexican avant-garde cuisine combined with methods and local ingredients from native cuisine with international elements, offered us a culinary experience where all senses were involved in each dish, only the stars were watching us…