Detox Weekend

In this article I would like to share with you a place that is really precious to me. We love traveling as much as possible, exploring all those infinity places outside our beautiful country, Italy. Obviously, this isn’t always possible and there are moments in life when you only want to relax and leave the every day frenetic routine behind you; when this happens, our happy place takes the name of, Cortina D’Ampezzo. 

Cortina D’Ampezzo is well known as the Queen of the Dolomites, it’s a town in the heart of the southern Alps in Veneto. Situated on the Boite river, in an alpine valley, it is a winter sport resort known for its skiing trails, scenery, accommodation, shops and après-ski scene, and for its jet set and aristocratic European crowd.  This little gem is amazing, both in summer and winter, we try to visit it just as many times as we can and every single time is an experience thanks to the wide offer of things to do, places, restaurants, activities. The weekend I am sharing with you was as special as the picture we were able to take. We left Bologna on Thursday afternoon around 1 p.m, we didn’t pack a lot of clothes few sweaters, gym clothes, rain jackets and we were set to go.  Once in Cortina, we went straight to one of our favorite stops for a quick Espresso and a piece of authentic Strudel, a typical cake with Cinnamon and baked apples, simply delicious. After this quick snack, that I was craving since last time we were there, we arrived to our little and intimate apartment, grocery shopping and we were settled on the couch in front of our fireplace, studying our itinerary for the next day. 

When we visit Cortina, there are two things that we love: waking up early and having our breakfast in the cozy city centre, in our favorite spot: Alverà, a very traditional bakery owned by generations from the same family. Ready for the activity of the day: Lake of Braies was waiting for us. This lake, denominated “the Pearl of the Dolomites”, is the destination of many passionate photographers due to its breathtaking scenery and colors. The hike is very soft and relaxing, let’s say it is more a walk than a hike, and to complete the full tour takes circa one hour and an half. We took as many picture as we could and we chilled there for a couple of hours enjoying till the last ray of sun.

The following day was rainy and foggy, so we decided to go for something more extreme: visit the Rifugio Lagazuoi at 2’752 meters of altitude. This time was a mix of hiking and walking but the effort was worth it. Once we reached the pick, in fact, it looked like we were on the moon. The scenery was unreal, tone of grey that were mixing with the cloudy and thick sky that was creating the perfect light for perfect pictures. 

That night we decided to create our very own and private aperitivo at home. We went for cheese shopping (I just love cheese) and then to the local Enoteca where we chose an amazing bottle of Amarone L’Arco 2011, a movie and the perfect night was settled.

The last day was the tougher, Lake Sorapiss on the list. I was never able to make it to this lake, but this time I really wanted to reach the top and finally explore this amazing location. This walk was extremely hard and long, during our itinerary we were able to see amazing spots including waterfalls and little curious animals. I seriously thought about going back more than once, but when we arrived…well, no words needed to describe this magical place, hope you will enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed that day.