Overrated or a discovery? This was the dilemma when I booked my vacation to Dubai, and I couldn’t live with the doubt … so I decided to explore this, well known and trendy, location, myself.

I have to say that my Emirates flight from Milan was simply amazing and this, certainly, made me start with the right foot. I arrived in Dubai with no strict plans, differently from my usual way of approaching trips, I wanted to experience the city enjoying as much as I could in five days. First the hotel and, as every single building in Dubai, was a blaze of ostentation; imagine the weirdest thing you could expect inside an hotel… well Dubai’s ones have it all: aquariums, glass lifts everywhere, casino, restaurants of any kind, breathtaking infinity pools… five days to explore the hotel weren’t enough, so I decided to hang out. 

I started from the Dubai Marina. This scenographic and chaotic area is one of the main point of interest in Dubai, it has plenty of shops and restaurants, destination of celebrities and locals, the Marina, offers a very modern view of the city, framed into the thousands of lights that fade into the sky. 

I like to say that Dubai has a double identity: there is the “cool” Dubai and there is the “traditional”. 

The following day, I visited the Old Town of Dubai where the gold Souk is the protagonist. Gold, gold and again gold, everywhere, do not forget your sunglasses when you go there! Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain were up next; they are located at the Dubai Mall which is the largest mall in the world, of course, and was here that I decided to have one of the dizziest dinner of my life at At.mosphere Restaurant, located on top of this worldwide famous building. The restaurant was obviously denominated the “tallest in the world”, once again…of course, rising 442 meters from the ground, on floor 122, certainly an experience. 

The day after I had the great idea of walking the entire Jumeriah Beach, which is a pretty long walk, warmed by the sun of the Emirates… then, I jumped in the water, which wasn’t the best in the world…I was quite disappointed by the sea, water was extremely hot and the color not even close to the one I saw in the various pictures online. 

And here it comes the desert!!! This was the best, I booked a safari tour in the desert, with a Jeep, and I had so much fun! The tour guide drove like crazy, moving up and down on the dunes of this thin, intangible, orangey sand. The music in the car was spinning and it seemed like being on the rollercoasters. After this crazy tour, the driver stopped on the pick of one dune and, believe it or not, we sand-boarded, surrounded by camels and an amazing sunset. I will preserve this memory in my heart forever.