June is famous to be wedding season worldwide and so it is in Mexico. I lived many years in Miami consequently the majority of my best friends are from Latin America this is the reason why when someone gets married I gotta go visit. That was the case with my trip to Tulum, the actual ceremony was in Mexico City, where my best friend is originally from, so we decided to plan few days exploring the well known Tulum. 

Unfortunately Mexico was all about partying and drinking tequila so I don’t have enough “souvenirs” in order to share a dedicated article on it, that’s why I will skip straight to Tulum. I have to admit that the trip to this destination is quite stressful but once you arrive you definitely get the time to relax. I could describe Tulum basically a unique dirt road that starts from the “center” and ends in the ocean. In three words: chill, free and young.

All the small restaurants and hotels on the way are eco-friendly, some of them don’t even have electricity, candles everywhere, birds on the trees, seafood on the grills… basically if you have your camera, a book and a lot of mosquito spray you are all set.

Quick to do list:

We stayed at the Nomade boutique hotel, the place is simply fantastic and the vibe is super hippy and laid-back. I suggest to visit the Maya ruins, few hours are more than enough, and then you can certainly pick one Cenote, which are holes in the middle of the forest naturally filled with the clearest water coming from the ocean, and go visit it, totally worth it. 

Make a tour in the little city center and taste a real Tacos from one of the local taqueria, I got mine from a food truck in the middle of the street invaded by Mexicans, which is a good sign, and it was the best of my life. 

The beaches are nice but the water is not really crystalline…so rent a bicycle and get  lost in one of the many cool restaurant – bar and dance until sunrise drinking your margaritas, cheers!

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