Unexpected Trieste

My list of must see cities in Italy is never ending and little by little I am trying to explore as much as I can. Trieste is the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in northeast Italy. A port city, it occupies a thin strip of land between the Adriatic coast and Slovenia’s border on the limestone-dominated Karst Plateau. Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences are all evident in its layout, which encompasses a medieval old city and a neoclassical Austrian quarter. You can breath its charm everywhere. 

The city center is quite small and easily passable by feet. You can decide to enjoy the traditional Botteghe, which offer  typical culinary products, (amazing), enoteche where to enjoy a nice glass of wine, pasticcerie with their amazing desserts. Food is always a good choice when it comes to decide how to orientate your staying, or you can explore the historic sites and steal amazing pictures, or if you simply want to relax you can reach the beaches around and  indulge yourself into long, breathtaking walks on the hills.

Porto Piccolo, 15 minutes away from Trieste was my favorite discovery. This tiny private port offers apartments, small restaurants and a fancy equipped beach. We spent a lot of time here and it